Immersion Experience

Spring planting
Photo by Ed Pursell

Greenhouse work
Photo by Ed Pursell

Photo by Ed Pursell

Photo by Ed Pursell

Immersion Experience for High School students and adults

The Four Springs Farm School is offering Immersion Experience programs for High School age students and adults. This program provides an all-encompassing experience for six students (teens should bring one or two adult chaperones) to live and work on the farm for two weeks and set aside their busy home lives to become totally immersed in this beautiful farm setting. Students live in our simple campground cabins without electricity; are trained to do farm chores; work in the fields and greenhouses with plants; harvest berries; prepare and clean up from the meals we all eat together in the main farm house. There is opportunity to explore the ecosystem's extras such as on a Streambed Geology evening walk, a trip to a local organic dairy farm, programs about local birds or the unknown information about fireflies. Students usually help to host an event on the farm or in the community and relax around a campfire in the evenings.

The total cost of the two week program is per student based on program specifics. Food and housing are offset by farm work done by the group.

Contact Jinny if your school, Home School group or interested community would like to send a group to the farm for an Immersion Experience. Adjustments to the above program can be arranged.