Farming Opportunities

Extended Stay

With the activities of the farm shifting and Jinny’s children moving on with their lives, she is now looking for a person to live on the farm for a long term ‘work for housing’ arrangement. There is a lot of flexibility to be discussed. The work is expected to be approximately 15 hours per week, principally doing farm maintenance tasks in trade for the use of a small cabin to be built on the farm in the spring of 2024. Call to talk with Jinny about this opportunity.

Seasonal Stay

Jinny is now vending at the Norwich Farmers Market only twice a month which leaves her the option of taking time away from the farm. To make this a reasonable possibility the farm would like to invite a person/people to live on the farm for a two to three month stay between April/May through October, living in a small private cabin. This person would have use of the campground wash house facilities and the farmhouse with kitchen and wifi. Work responsibilities would be limited to the value of room and board and give this person time for their own work or interests. No prior farm experience is needed. Good people skills are required.


It has been a special experience for many who have volunteered on the farm over the years and for those of us who have hosted these guests from all over the world. Interested people are welcome to apply to stay on the farm for two weeks and sometimes longer, while learning about farming practices and campground management. Such folks live either in a small cabin, in the farmhouse guest room or their own tent and share meals (mostly Four Springs Farm produced bounty) beginning in early April until the end of October. Work is partially routine and requires some strength. There is usually work most days but there is ample time to explore Vermont as well as the spacious farm itself.

Contact Information: If you would like to discuss any of the options above please contact Jinny and send information about yourself with the usual application information to or talk with her at 802 763 7296.